Smart Ways to Maintain Cleanliness and Clean Kitchen Tools

As a good mother, there are many housewife activities that must be done every day, including maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen. The kitchen is one of the important home areas and must always be clean because this is where all the food consumed by the family is made.

To support the cooking process, usually the kitchen is also filled with a lot of cooking utensils whose cleanliness must be maintained because it is directly in contact with the dishes you cook. Mother – also likes to collect various kinds of cooking utensils to support her daily activities.

How to Clean Kitchen Tools

Keeping the cleanliness of the kitchen and cooking equipment in it is not an easy matter, you know. Sometimes, you must feel lazy to do it. Besides cooking, you still have to clean it. Especially if the back of the pan and pan are crusty. How to clean it? How do you remove the charred crust? You need to be smart moms to do it! Because of the many things that need to be cleaned in the kitchen, you can use the following methods to clean the kitchen equipment to save time and energy.


After cooking, then you realize that your pan turned out to be burnt? Especially if the pot is your favorite pan. Actually, how to clean a burnt pan is quite easy, you know! Previously, as a precautionary measure, when cooking, make sure that the flame from your stove is not too large. Small or medium fire is enough. However, if it’s already charred, you can clean it using baking soda and water. Mix the two ingredients, apply evenly to the charred portion of the pan, and let stand for a while. After that, you can wash it as usual until it’s clean.

Griddle and Teflon

If you have a new pan, you can get used to rubbing the back with cooking oil, just thin, so it doesn’t crust. It can also maintain the original color. Avoid soaking the pan for too long. If you use a skillet to cook thick and thick spices, rinse with water first and let stand for a while until the spices soften, rinse with water first and let stand for a while until the spices soften, and are easy to clean as usual.

Knife and Scissors

After finishing using the knife, immediately wash thoroughly with running water and then dry. Make sure you wipe it with a tissue or cloth to dry, because a wet knife is more prone to rust. After that, place it on a special placemat to make it neat and out of reach of children. As with scissors, you should wash immediately when finished, dry and store well.

Gas stove

Cleaning the stove regularly is also important, you know! Just a pan and pan can crust, let alone a stove? Often used for cooking, the stove should be cleaned immediately after use. For oil splashes, you can outsmart it by sprinkling flour, then wiping it clean.

Cutting Board

To keep the cutting board clean without bacteria, once it is finished, immediately apply it with lime juice, then flush with hot water. After washing as usual, dry and hang or place it in a clean and dry place.

Plastic Cutlery

Plastic tableware is usually easier to smell and get dirty quickly. To clean it, use a dishwashing liquid that is able to remove fat properly. Wait for a few minutes then wash as usual. You can also use Sunlight Plus Anti Odor which is very effective in removing 5 kinds of stubborn odors including in plastic kitchen utensils. Dry with a cloth before storing.

Eliminating Fishy Smell on Tableware

After eating fish or meat, usually used utensils will smell fishy. Although this dish is a favorite of many people, it is not uncommon for mothers who feel lazy with a pile of dirty dishes.

Sometimes soap alone is not enough to remove the fishy odor. You can use lime to outsmart it, you know! The trick, prepare enough lime juice, then flush on fishy cutlery. Leave for 5-10 minutes, after that wash with soap as usual until clean. Make sure the fishy smell is completely gone.

Cleaning Cooking Tools Made of Stainless Steel

Having cooking utensils made of stainless steel is certainly fun. Although the price will be more expensive than cooking equipment made of aluminum, because it is coated with silver stone which is non sticky. Cleaning stainless steel is actually not difficult. You can wash it as usual using soap, then rinse it with running water until it’s clean.

When rubbing it, make sure you do it in a circle, following the grooves of the existing circle to be stubborn which will be easier to clean. Don’t also try cleaning stainless steel using sharp objects such as knives, scissors, or forks. This will actually cause blisters and scratches on your stainless steel. Rinse with warm water, then let stand for a while. After that, then you wash it using soap.

Using Natural Ingredients

Apparently cleaning kitchen utensils can use ingredients that are easy to find, you know! You can use lime to get rid of fishy odor, or use products that garnish lime extract in the formula.

Basil leaves are also efficacious for removing fishy odor. Squeeze – squeeze basil leaves, then mix with enough water. Clean your cookware, then wash thoroughly using soap. If the fishy odor has not disappeared, soak your amsak equipment in basil water for 10-25 minutes. After that, rinse with clean water.

There are so many ways to clean kitchen equipment that you can apply, and everything is easy. So housewives don’t just have to cook and clean up, you know! If you do it smartly, of course you will be more motivated to make your family happy at home. Husbands and children will be more at home with food that is always kept clean.

For all housewife activities, the health and happiness of the family at home will be maintained well. All thanks to your alertness as a housewife.

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